Facit Typewriters

Facit, a Swedish company, was renowned for its robust and reliable manual typewriters. Known for their precision engineering and durable build, Facit typewriters were widely appreciated for both personal and professional use. Their typewriters, exemplifying Swedish design principles, are now sought after by collectors for their functionality and classic aesthetic.

Facit Typewriter 1730 Swedish 1970s Vintage Rare QWERTY Keys
Seller's notes: "Facit Typewriter 1730 Swedish 1970s Vintage Rare QWERTY Keys This Facit typewriter is in good overall vintage condition, with a little love needed. It's in need of a new ribbon obviously, as vintage typewriters usually are, and definitely in need of a little oil to help the keys strike better on the paper without sticking. It has some minor rust on the inside, please see close up photos. This is the Facit 1730 model from the early 1970s, very rare model to find. The carriage is working fine, nice movement with the keys and the return lever works very satisfyingly. Super heavy machine too, it was built by the Swedes to last!"
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Antique Machine IN Typewriter Facit Made IN Sweden Typewritter Vintage
Seller's notes: "Old typewriter with some spares Does have some damage as pictured to right hand wheel"
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Vintage Facit Typewriter Spares Or Repairs
Seller's notes: "As title and picture would suggest, Been in storage for more years than we care to remember,The typewriter header seems to always slide to the left, For it to sit central I had to use a tab key to lock it for the first photos,For this reason we are selling it for spares or repairs,The last photo is how it goes to if no keys are pressed,Please study all the photos to assess what we have here"
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