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Olympia typewriter SM2/3 Flamingo Pink
Seller's notes: "This typewriter is a natural beauty and the typical 1950s design, an absolute must-have! The solid, well-constructed machines are perfect for typewriter enthusiasts. Made by Olympia Werke AG. Wilhelmshaven in Western Germany."
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Vintage Pink Olympia Splendid 33 Portable Typewriter With Hard Case
Seller's notes: "For vintage enthusiasts and collectors, this pink Olympia Splendid 33 portable typewriter is a wonderful addition to your collection. Made with steel materials in Germany, this desktop accessory is a great reminder of the classic way of writing and communication. The unit, including its hard case, is in great condition and ready to be used for your creative writing, journaling, or other writing needs. This typewriter is a rare find and its vibrant pink color adds a unique touch to any workspace."
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