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Typewriters.co.uk is celebrates the old fashioned typewriter. The mechanical device, invented in the 19th century, changed the way that human beings were able to record and share text information. Whether you've had one in the past and yearn for a return to the simple tapping of a typewriter or just want to add a cool, retro touch to your home or office, the machines listed on these pages will be of interest.

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Typewriters.co.uk profiles some of the famous names from the history of the device and lists great vintage machines that are for sale through eBay.co.uk. We've made it really easy to find the brand of vintage typewriter you're interested in:

Buying a new typewriter?

While the world's last mechanical typewriter factory may have shut down in 2012, there's still new electronic typewriter stock available to buy, with leading retailer Amazon.co.uk currently having a number of Brother models available to buy brand new.

Maintaining your old typewriter

Click here to find out how to change a typewriter ribbon.

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